Instilling Advanced Automation Capabilities

With Alteryx Solutions

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Deliver Quick And Deeper Insights With Advanced Alteryx Automation Solutions

Markets today have become highly dynamic where consumers are better informed and regulations even more stringent. Serving such highly volatile market conditions demands an intuitive and advanced analytics solution that can maximize efficiency and deliver success.

Uneecops, with Alteryx, offer modular, end-to-end analytics automation solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of your business. As a leading DSML and Gartner-recognized platform, Alteryx is a perfect analytics solution to deliver actionable insights and make educated decisions, regardless of market fluctuations. Experience code-free advanced Alteryx data analytics platform with built-in workflows and the ability to incorporate R or Python code.

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Scalable, progressive analytics

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Repeatable workflows

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Intuitive user interface

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Multi-source data processing

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Alteryx implementation

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Managed services

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Unified Analytics Solutions To Accelerate Decision-making

Data is everyone's business. That is why our advanced Alteryx solutions are customized to provide your business with end-to-end analytics to enhance ‘data-driven’ decision-making and deliver success.

Analytics Cloud

Get valuable insights with Cloud-native analytics to experience out-of-the-box integrations.

  • Designer Cloud
  • Auto Insights
  • Machine Learning

Designer and Add-ons

Automate every step of analytics with drag-and-drop capabilities to unlock hidden insights in your data.

  • Designer
  • Designer FIPS
  • Intelligence Suite
  • Location and Business Datasets

Alteryx Server

Share and govern your workflow processes to maximize the efficiency of your team.

  • Server
  • Server FIPS

Drive Impactful Outcomes With Uneecops Business Intelligence Expertise

Alteryx has the capacity to handle a large volume and a variety of data. Uneecops is a leading Alteryx consulting and implementation partner with a track record of delivering the most advanced self-service analytics solutions. Our experienced and skilled data scientists can quickly develop and create a well-suited solution to help you uncover the power of your business data.


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Helping Clients Uncover The Power Of Data

Alteryx For Each Business Vertical

Empower each department of your organization with invaluable self-service business intelligence insights to maximize efficiency and deliver a powerful impact.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Automate data across your supply chain to instill resiliency and speed.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources

Make the most of employee data to improve productivity and boost your bottom line.




Improve conversion rates and reduce customer churn with multi-channel insights.

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Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics

Create a smooth sales process by blending relevant data.

Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

Address critical operational challenges with real-time insights.

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Strengthen customer relationships using the right channels and insights.

Top Industries Trusting Alteryx

Uneecops offers a comprehensive suite of Alteryx products and services that are tailored to meet the needs of specific industries and can be used to tackle even the most challenging problems.


Improve supply chain operations and enhance customer experience.



Get a consolidated view of patient and healthcare operations to improve business outcomes


Public Sector-Federal

Meet your departmental missions and serve people better with actionable insights.


Public Sector-State/Local

Simplify and automate insights to deliver high-value outcomes that serve your communities more productively.


Financial Services

Mitigate risks and enhance operational efficiency with deeper insights.



Leverage analytics automation to improve forecasts and inventory decisions


Higher Education

Accelerate the learning experience and enhance alumni engagement with advanced analytics.


Oil and Gas

Drive efficiencies across drilling operations with predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics solutions.


Delve Deeper Into Our Advanced Analytics Practices

Explore more about our partnerships with leading analytics companies and how we reinvent advanced solutions.



Alteryx is used to solve any business problem and helps businesses make informed decisions in minutes. You can collaborate faster, identify areas to improve, increase efficiency, target sales and so much more. It renders more visibility into business performance, identifies trends, predicts outcomes and can make faster and smarter decisions.
Alteryx is trusted by the world's most influential brands to help their business achieve transformational outcomes. It communicates vital insights about a business and helps derive meaningful insights from data, solve business problems and maximize profits. It removes the barriers to business analysis, helps accelerate decision-making, and unlocks hidden insights in your data.
Business users need not have to wait days or weeks to make business decisions. Alteryx eases the process of decision-making. Alteryx as a Self-service BI tool let business leaders easily explore data and make discoveries. It helps them to create their own visual analytics, explore and discover patterns with simple drag-and-drop functionality. And AI is making these processes easier than ever. It highlights outliers and trends and allows users to ask their questions in their own style.
Excel is easier to use than Alteryx, but Alteryx has many leading and outstanding capabilities that differ and makes it the best from Excel such as conversational analytics, interactive dashboards, self-service analytics, mobile BI functionality and modern reporting capability to name a few. Alteryx can help you quickly deal with millions of rows of data in minutes. While, excel can also help in mathematical calculations, iterations, forecasting, and creating graphs and charts but to a certain level only unlike Alteryx.
"The available packages of Alteryx is designed for individual user/ year and teams and organizations. Alteryx Designer comes at a tentative cost of 5195 € while Alteryx Server which is an intelligent suite costs approximately 2300 €. The data package location intelligence is priced at approximately 11700 € while data package consumer intelligence is at the price of 33800 €. The implementation costs depend on various factors and Uneecops is the best Alteryx partner to help you with all aspects of the procedure and overall costs.