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A company’s business units and sales, supply chain, finance, IT and other departments often battle for meaningful data to make real-time analysis and decisions. Decision-makers and respective departments heads want to gain visibility into cash flow, gross margins, revenue, and operating expenses. Demand for 360- degree visibility to make actionable decisions has been the new normal; so is the speed. Uneecops aims to help your business become agile, future-ready and information-driven, where fact-based decision-making is embedded into daily operations. We help clients make informed decisions and convert their data into a strategic asset.


BI development solutions

Companies embrace business intelligence to unleash critical insights in their various business functions anytime and anywhere. Making that promise real is why we’re the leading BI development and consulting partner. Over 100+ satisfied customers are a testament to our BI expertise, experience and value-driven approach. Whether you are from Pharma, retail, manufacturing, dairy, packaging, or any industry, we can address data issues faster before they become real problems.

You can count on our world-class BI development solutions, thanks to our strategic partnership with Tableau software- a completed, integrated analytics platform. We aim to solve a comprehensive set of challenges and provide the desired BI development solutions within the timeline and as per the unique business demands.

Back your BI strategy with customized solutions

Uneecops works with you every step of the way and provides the exact business BI development solutions rather than one-size-fits-all. We help all small, medium and large enterprises and diverse industry segments to shape the future of organizations with customized business intelligence solutions powered by Tableau. With a strong focus on the quality and security of the data, we follow industry-best protocols, testing methodologies, and security standards. We know what it takes to build a great BI software that meet your exact business needs without disrupting your business environment.

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Addressing 360* Data Problems

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  • Connects multiple data source – Single Source of Truth
  • Real-time reporting & analysis helps in identifying trends and outliers
  • Employee productivity with better visibility helps in benchmarking and performance management
  • Proactive decision making with Deep & Actionable Insights


  • Sheer volume of data
  • Driving a data culture
  • Fragmented data ownership
  • Multiple data sources
  • Centralized & report based role access
  • Unstructured Data

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Uneecops is a brand that inspires trust and admiration amongst the industry leaders.

Our Expertise

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Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

Every BI project is different, So, we analyze, gather and assess your current business environment & data to determine the best fit solution based on your exact business requirements. Our team identifies your business hurdles and propose the right BI solutions meeting your budget and industry needs


Extract, Transform, Load

Extract, Transform, Load

Our expert BI team Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), and takes raw data from multiple sources, extracts the information required for analysis, transforms it into a format and loads it into a single and centralized location, a data warehouse.


Data Cleansing & Profiling

Data Cleansing & Profiling

Our BI experts clean, de-duplicate, standardize, verify and validate data of any complexity and size. We eliminate duplications or anomalies in data and ensure end to end encryption for added security. We also analyze data to ensure it meets quality standards.


Customized Dashboards

Customized Dashboards

We specialize in creating personalized dashboards that are dynamic, feature-rich, interactive and tailored to our client’s requirements depending upon the business verticals they belong to.


Analytical Processing

Analytical Processing

We help you analyze different dimensions of multidimensional data of large volumes with OLAP/ROLAP. Our 50+ data scientists help you save tons of time waiting for query results and help aggregating, grouping and joining data.


Deployment & Support

Deployment & Support

It’s time to go live. Once our BI analysts worked with you to perform all the assessment, data cleansing, and migration, development and testing, we can launch your BI applications, providing support, performing the post-migration review as required

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