Cloud ERP Adoption: Why Now?

  • 07 October 2019
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Cloud ERP has brought tremendous opportunities in the business world owing to the multifarious benefits that it brings over on premise ERP.  What makes cloud ERP as impressive, is its key advantages of quick deployment, pay per use model and—perhaps more importantly—cost savings and reliability.  With increased agility, cloud computing has redefined the way business functions. The best part? It provides you peace of mind about security, maintenance and maximum uptime. This makes moving to the cloud even more worth considering. 

Here are the top-line benefits of implementing cloud ERP and for the better. 

No extra application licenses 

Why invest in additional hardware, data servers or licensing costs when all can be managed with a single ERP? The Cloud ERP mitigates the instances of investing in additional hardware thus bringing the cost down.

Pay-as-you-go model

Cloud services empower business leaders to pay for the usage you need. Since your cost is based on usage over time, it can prevent you from spending all at once.  


Often companies spend a huge amount on maintaining internal systems. With cloud ERP, you can realize huge cost savings as there’s no need to update software internally since the updates are automatic. Usually, cloud ERP partner conducts these updates during non-functional hours so that there are less business disruption and chaos. 


As information moves to the cloud, it is likely to cause some apprehension that cloud ERP is less secure than on-premise cloud. We had it too earlier. With security protocols and experienced professionals taking care of your data, security and data privacy should not come as the roadblocks for cloud adoption, especially in the space of ERP where data is either managed by AWS or Microsoft Azure to facilitate the streamline migration to the cloud.     

Disaster Recovery 

Business continuity is often compromised if there is an uninterrupted flow of data across a business. Even a brief lapse can mean loss of opportunities and altered customer trust. The cause of those lapses could be due to potential errors, natural disasters, ransom attack or human errors. You need a partner who can help you stay up and running at all events. The right partner like Uneecops ensures fast recovery plans of your valuable data.  The time is now to partner with the best to get the best ERP solution in India.    

Information on the go 

ERP software solutions provide great flexibility, as you can access information from almost anytime and anywhere. So, the next time you are in a meeting or have gone for an excursion you can quickly run down all the vital details of your business in a go. It will facilitate you to scan every possible detail faster. 

Quick deployment 

Cloud ERP systems are quick to deploy than on-premise ERP systems. The rapid implementation facilitates business users to start using SAP Business One ERP faster as per their specific needs. 

Assortment of benefits 

The cloud is beyond its days of being something to fear– you might just save your company from a lot of hassles and unwanted costs. Further, the benefits like auto upgrades, maximum uptime, secure data, backup and recovery, pay as you go model, are hard to ignore.  ERP cloud provides the foundation and scalability your business needs. Now it is easy to step in the digital era and reap the benefits of SAP Business One in your budget. The future is bright with this smart ERP. Are you ready to leverage the same? Consult Uneecops for a one-on-one conversation.

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