Tableau Vs Qlik: Leading BI solutions compared

  • 28 November 2022
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Tableau Vs Qlik

Before we start comparing Tableau Vs Qlik, let’s start with why is it important? Building a data culture is top of mind for CEOs as they plan their growth strategies for the year. More companies are expected to leverage AI solutions to formulate breakthrough analytics strategies in 2023, making it simpler for company stakeholders to act in real-time.

This calls for business intelligence tools. Both data culture and AI-driven growth strategies can be made a reality with BI solutions.

CEOs and IT managers are expecting major shifts in the market and the way their enterprise wants to investigate data sets and communicate insights.

Who needs Business Intelligence tools and why?

There will be major shifts from how enterprises want to receive business intelligence (BI) in 2023 and beyond, and once again, comes the dilemma – which BI tool is resilient enough to offer better analytics for future decision-making?

Gartner provides a detailed matrix on the industry’s feature sets of all major BI tools. But a decision is not easy. Especially when there are so many products available in the market, with assuring business benefits.

But, don’t get overwhelmed. By combining our extensive knowledge of current BI and analytics tools, we aim to guide you through. In this article, you will discover the following comparisons:

  • Tableau vs Qlik
  • Qlik Sense vs Tableau

Tableau vs Qlik

Tableau is a powerful business intelligence tool that simplifies raw data into easy-to-understand and actionable insights. Qlik is an analytics and data integration platform that closes the gaps between data, insights and action. Both Qlik and Tableau enable businesses to create interactive dashboards and have added augmented analytics.

We researched the most noteworthy differences to help you decide faster. Look at Tableau vs Qlik below:

InstallationSimpleQuick and easy
Best benefitEfficient drill-downIntuitive insights
DatasetsFast with small datasetsVariety of data sources
Deployment(SaaS), on-premises, or private cloudOn-premises or cloud-based
PerformanceFast in combining datasetsSuperior performance in combining datasets and arranging them
InterfaceMany tools on one menuSimple drag-and-drop interface
Geographical map visualizationTakes longerFaster
Deployment VersionDesktop Edition for personal use and an Enterprise edition for businesses.Tableau Desktop for individuals; Tableau Online for cloud deployment
Pricing/costMore expensiveLess expensive
SupportPhone support for developers in Enterprise plan. Online resources also availableOnline resources and training available. Partners extend complete support.

All other key features like security, mobility and data visualization are almost similar in both. For a more transparent Tableau Vs Qlik comparison read below.

Qlik Sense vs Tableau

Both are analytics and BI tools. Qlik Sense is a more advanced version of Qlik. So, which platform should you choose? In the Tableau vs Qlik Sense debate, which tool is better for your team?

BeginnerSteeper learning curveBeginner-friendly
DashboardsEasy to use dashboardsFaster, responsive, and visually aesthetic dashboards
ReportingAd-hoc reportingPre-defined reports
Data visualizationGoodHigh
Advanced analyticsAverageBetter; has predictive analysis, data visualization, and big data services.
Pricing/costQuote-based pricing modelMonthly, annual or quote-based payment choices

Our Verdict

  • Tableau leads when it comes to data visualization, reporting, and advanced analytics. Tableau targets business users who need an intuitive platform to stay more informed about data. And with its Salesforce ownership and Salesforce integration, it is enhanced and better.
  • Qlik Sense ranks ahead too in data visualization and advanced analytics.

You can make a decision based on your needs and budget. But this is not all.

After comparisons, pondering and examinations comes the real task – implementation!

Implementing BI Solutions

Fascinatingly, Business Intelligence (BI) implementations are like missions to the moon – many fail; some succeed. However, considering the growth rate of the BI market—estimated to be upwards of $24 billion – decision-makers are keen to get the best BI solutions and usher in a data culture.

With different tools available, every data analyst and CFO is embracing the most appropriate one for their specifications and needs. Pricing is a decisive factor when it comes to BI tools. Customisation is also critical because businesses no more require standard BI solutions to stand out. Everyone seeks dashboards fitted to their needs.

The future is leaning toward tools with third-party integrations and services by a partner team.

You Need BI Champions!

The comparisons of leading BI software are essential to the success of any BI implementation. But the people chosen to create and manage these frameworks also matter. There need to be champions identified to support BI tool implementation, integration, consulting and technical support. You will need a team in charge of training and adoption; someone you can call a champion for the user experience the BI tool provides.

With Uneecops, your BI journey will be worth it

There will be many challenges that your enterprise will face during the BI journey. As a Tableau Gold partner, Uneecops specializes in data analytics and business intelligence. Our team has expanded to 75+ BI experts now offering Tableau with embedded analytics, AI and modern technology capabilities. We take a step-by-step, personalized approach to business intelligence. We combine domain knowledge, engineering and technology expertise with hands-on experience on Tableau to provide solutions to complex business scenarios related to digital transformation across your organization. With Uneecops, you can be assured of collaborative and on-time delivery with proven solutions and frameworks. 

We also embrace our analytical maturity to transform businesses and enable them to achieve mission outcomes with data literacy.

With Uneecops’ business intelligence capabilities, modern-day organizations experience real-time sales tracking, discover insights into customer behavior, predict profits, and more. Companies from diverse industries like retail, manufacturing, and pharma have partnered with us for Tableau implementation, and more are joining each year. Our latest analytics platform offerings like data preparation in Tableau Prep, analysis and discovery in Tableau Desktop, and sharing and governance in Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud – help organizations address every step in the analytics cycle.

Begin your business intelligence journey with Uneecops now.

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