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SAP Business One (popularly referred to as SAP B1) is a powerful business management software that can perfectly integrate with any business. As a market-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, SAP Business One is available on-premises and in the cloud powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The robust, proven and scalable software provides clear visibility into your business functions and shows all the data on a real-time platform. SAP Business One leverages information to maximize efficiency and foster informed decision-making.


Automate Your Key Business Functions
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Make business processes smarter with SAP Business One ERP solution designed for small & medium enterprises. SAP Business One application is an all-in-one, affordable business ERP solution to manage your entire business from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations.

Designed specifically for SMEs, it helps businesses streamline processes, act on timely information, and accelerate profitable growth.

SAP Business One ERP allows you to stay on top of your business and provide a true and unified picture of critical, up-to-the-minute business information across your organization with embedded CRM, finance, manufacturing and analytical capabilities. Partner with the best SAP Business One partner to simplify your business operations.

  • Improve business agility and prevent data silos by seamlessly integrating SAP Business One into your business landscape.
  • Enjoy the power of SAP B1 as per your specific budget needs.
  • Automate your business processes with business erp solutions and gain complete control of your business- financials, sales, inventory, and more.
  • Deploy SAP Business One software on-premise or in the cloud in as little as 2 to 8 weeks*.

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Uneecops is your trusted SAP Business One Partner

We’re honored by SAP as the best SAP Business One Partner in India.

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SAP Business One

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SAP Business ByDesign

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SAP Business One - Best ERP for Small Business

A truly integrated software system can meet your business’s needs today and allow growth tomorrow. With embedded and intelligent technology, SAP Business One makes for an advanced software system that provides everything you need to run an intelligent enterprise - without costly implementation. Gain an edge with industry-specific processes and built-in compliance. Redefine business visibility, reinvent your customer experience, take a step ahead in productivity and inspire complete employee engagement – to achieve game-changing business outcomes. SAP Business One offers all these possibilities and more!


Key Features of SAP Business One -

Drive unprecedented business impact. Gain that ‘much-needed’ competitive edge. Uneecops is proud to offer SAP Business One due to its key features, including:


SAP B1 is versatile. It has the functionality that can adapt to and expand along with your business. So when your business scales, the SAP Business One software scales with you!


Capture all enterprise data across sales, customers, operations and finance in one central and standard system.


Specialize in running your business optimally with SAP Business One’s accurate reports and dashboards.


SAP Business One helps you streamline your entire purchasing process, including purchase orders, receipts, invoices, and vendor invoice payment. It also helps you make smarter buying decisions with detailed purchasing reports and dashboards.


Enhance business visibility and performance with powerful data analytics offered by SAP Business One.

Real-time access

With SAP Business One, you get immediate access to your most relevant data. Now, get ready to run and grow your business from anywhere, any time.


It enables efficient business management and seamless operations. Once you embrace SAP ERP into your business operations, effectiveness and profitability become a matter of time!

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Uneecops renders the best SAP Business One price in India that inspires trust and admiration amongst the industry leaders

SAP Business One Modules

Comprehensive list of modules to take care of all aspects of your business




SAP Business One provides a complete set of tools to automate everyday financial tasks and manage cash flow, track assets and streamline your financial operations. This module helps you to make top-level strategic decisions with better financial insight and analysis.


Stock Control

Stock Control

The stock capabilities of SAP Business One Software enable users to keep a track of surplus inventory, optimize stock movements across multiple warehouses and locations.




The SAP Business One embedded CRM functions record every sales opportunity across the customer lifecycle and help you turn prospects into customers and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.




SAP Business One helps you streamline your entire purchasing process, including purchase orders, receipts, invoices, and vendor invoice payment. It also helps you make smarter buying decisions with detailed purchasing reports and dashboards.




The comprehensive capabilities of SAP Business One help your business optimize and streamline the entire sales process. From tracking leads to managing sale orders to deliveries to invoices, it offers all the required functions to manage sales orders & order-to-payment process.




The service management capabilities help service departments respond promptly to service calls, provide proactive support to customers, track customer interactions, activities and improve service call management.




SAP Business One offers extensive integrated reporting tools to create up-to-the-minute reports with ease. This module also lets you create business, accounting, finance, warehouse reports in a variety of formats like Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word® and PDF.




SAP Business One offers a simple yet powerful planning system to help you have 360-degree view of your manufacturing unit. This module also helps in effectively managing bills of materials (BOMs), production orders and material requirements in a specified timeframe.

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Can’t find your industry listed above?

Don’t worry, SAP Business One is designed to work with small and mid-size businesses across all industries, no matter which industry you are in. Connect with our SAP Business One experts today to know more.

Frequently asked questions

SAP Business One is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses to automate their key business functions such as Financials, Sales & Opportunity, Purchasing & Supply Chain and Inventory Control. It has inbuilt business intelligence that gives actionable information anytime, anywhere.
Uneecops follows ASAP methodology and best practices to implement SAP Business One. Our 150+ SAP experts have industry-specific knowledge to implement SAP Business One as per your exact business needs. A successful implementation is divided into five phases such as Project Preparation, Business Blueprint, Project Realization, Final Preparation and Go-Live and Support.
SAP Business One is extremely beneficial for small businesses. It is affordable, smart and offers a complete suite to unify all your business functions. SAP Business One offers great functionality for finance, distribution, manufacturing, services,mobility and more.
Tally is more apt for startups and small companies where your requirements are confined and you can manage with less. However, when it comes to SAP Business One you will start loving this enterprise-ready software which is automating each business processes to perfection. SAP Business One can manage your entire business with ease and can help your business navigate into new markets and evolve after COVID-19.